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Exclusive suits and accessories from Marina Khlebnikova fantastic and always-erotic, transforming the woman that in the desired and inaccessible seductress or - in fine alien, about a meeting with which everyone dreams the man. Aleksey Kozlov's photo-sensuality always differed sensuality and love of the artist to the Woman in a combination to easy provocation in relation to the spectator. Aleksey's gift to see only the most beautiful in the models and to fix this individual beauty in photoworks about which many then will tell: " Is not present, SUCH beauties do not happen! " Aleksey and Marina's unique union has created the whole galleries fantastic, carrying away, erotic, expression images and adequately representing the modern art of a photo. Aleksey and Marina's author's site represents not simply a portfolio of photographers is the whole book, where galleries Fantasy, Erotica, the Gothic style, Dream, X-Files, Beauty, Expression - as the chapter, opening rather real unreal world Photopainting. Here you forget, that it is a photo and you plunge into the coming to life and bewitching world of the visible and tangible power phenomena built somewhere on border of our representation about sensual beauty.

Aleksey and Marina have begun in 1998 year, their not ordinary works are unexpectedly well entered in an interior, than progressive designers on an interior often use, annually Aleksey and Marina create series of beauty photos for calendars in a beauty erotic genre which differ the sustained style, the conceptual approach, fresh execution, therefore is no surprise the popularity of photos of Aleksey and Marina both among not tempted spectators, and among photo-masters, designers and publishers, photos of Aleksey Kozlov and Marina Khlebnikova, With their refined and perfected technics the present find for design and publishing, in fact everywhere where there are these works, they instantly appear in the center of attention, magazines with covers from beauty photoworks A&M instantly disappear from counters and become a rarity, the army of collectors hunts for their calendars, success is proved and predicted - beauty, and they the present masters in this genre, was always appreciated and will be appreciated, in general it is a little photographers of not spoiling models, and those who is capable to embody with love the finest in women - units.